Business Policies

Ms. Judith's Art Lessons

​Health and Safety

  • If you have an existing medical condition, allergy or disability that may affect your participation in a class, you should notify Judith at the time of enrolment.
  • Peanut Products/Allergies: Due to severe life-threatening allergies, no nut products are permitted in the Studio. 
  • You may send a nut-free healthy snack with your child if they need it, but it is better to just focus on art making.
  • Children are only allowed to eat food their parents give them and are not allowed to share their snacks with other children.
  • Please do not send your child to class with candy. Sugar makes it more difficult for them to focus. 
  • Children should be escorted to and from their art lesson by a parent or guardian. If this causes you difficulty, please let us know how we can help.
  • No Perfume... Due to students coping with asthma, allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, please help everyone to breath better by not wearing perfume - thanks for understanding.

Please do your best to be punctual for class. If you are late, just come on into your class and don't worry about it. Life and traffic happens - smile and breath deeply... ;o)     (Please note, if you are late enough to miss the lesson part of the class, I will try to catch you up a little bit during class time if I am able to... And you are welcome to come to participate in the class studio working time, but I cannot give the lesson twice...  thanks for your understanding)

What to Wear
Dress in clothing that is comfortable to work in... Smocks are made available to students if they wish to wear one, however, please wear clothing suitable for the possibility of being stained with paint.

Smart Phones

We use art supplies that are not phone friendly. I accept full responsibility for the children in my care, but will not be held responsible for any harm that comes to a phone... Children are not permitted to take photographs, videos or make any recordings of audio in the studio. If adult students would like to take photos or videos of class demos or lessons, please ask permission first... You may use these recordings for personal use only; you may not publish them online. Adult students must ask permission of their intended subject to photograph anybody - either their instructor or other students.

Missed Classes 
Make-up classes for 'Art Spark' students are allowed for up to 2 classes per term. Makeup classes need to be scheduled with Judith ... Make-up classes and are subject to space availability in another pre-scheduled class time slot and are not guaranteed. Make-up classes do not carry over from one term to the next. There are no discounts, refunds or credits for classes not attended or for students who wish to drop out of their class once the class session has begun. If no pre-scheduled class time will fit into your schedule, private lessons are available to be scheduled at your convenience at a cost of $50/hour + HST less the cost of the lesson you missed. Private make-up classes need to be scheduled with Judith and are subject to time availability. The private make-up class option is not guaranteed and does not carry over from one term to the next. No make-up classes are available for either of the Adult Creation classes.

Cancelled Classes
​If Judith has to cancel a class, a make-up class will be scheduled at the same time and day of the week as the one that was cancelled. If there is no room in the schedule for a make-up class, the next term will receive a partial credit for the missed class. 

There are no refunds or credits for missed classes, or for students who wish to drop out of their class once the class session has begun. 

Trial Lessons
Trial lessons cost $5 during the school year and $20 during the summer mini sessions. Only one trial lesson per student. Trial lessons happen during previously scheduled classes. Please schedule your trial lesson in the class that fits your weekly schedule and you or your child would like to join. I am always happy to meet new students and their parents... a trial lessons will allow for this meeting to take place. This participation will help you and/or your child find out if the class is a fit for your needs. Trial lessons need to be scheduled, no drop-ins please.  After a trial lesson, the student will be invited to join the class at the bulk lesson rate. The fee will be pro-rated to only include the lessons that will be attended. Student must sign up for all lessons remaining in the term to qualify for the bulk lesson rate. There are no private trial lessons...No trial lessons are available in a class that has full enrolment. Scheduled trial lessons may be canceled if class enrolment becomes full. A trial lesson does not secure you a spot on the intending to register list, this service is reserved for students intending to register for a full term of lessons.

No Drop-Ins

I am very happy to meet prospective students during a scheduled trial lesson. I will not be available to meet with you if you just pop by... Thank you for your understanding. 

Bulk Rate

There is a discount for purchasing a full session of art lessons... If the session has already begun, and there are spots available in the class you would like to join, you will be invited to join the session with the fee pro-rated at the bulk rate to include only the lessons that are left on the agenda for that term.

You may sign up for lessons on a pay as you go basis, but the fee will be an extra $5+hst/lesson as compared to the bulk rate.  If you choose this option, you must pay for each lesson on the day you attend. Pay-as-you-go students are not eligible for the intending to register list, nor are spots guaranteed. Preference is given to students who sign up for a full term of classes. Thanks for your understanding.


This sales tax will be added to all fees.

Intending to Register List
A list of students intending to register for the next term of art lessons will be started 2 weeks prior to the end of the current term. This service is reserved for students intending to register for a full term of lessons. No discount is offered to students on the intending to register list who miss the first lesson of the term... a make-up class will be scheduled for the the missed class. For my weekly classes, returning students are given the first opportunity to get on the 'Intending to Register List' for the next term... Pay-as-you-go students are not eligible for the intending to register list. A trial lesson does not secure you a spot on the intending to register list. If you would like to join a class part way through a term, you may do so if there are spots available in the class, but no spot will be reserved for you through the 'Intending to Register' list. If you are on the intending to register list and something comes up and you are not able to claim your class spot, please notify Judith asap... 905-839-7816. Failure to notify a change in plans to attend your art lessons may result in a requirement to pay in advance if you would like to reserve a spot in the future... Thanks for your understanding...

Art Materials
Materials are supplied for children’s art classes and Paint-Night Workshops. Theses art materials are non-toxic and high quality. Students in adult classes will receive a materials list on enrolment and are required to supply their own art materials. 

Long Weekends

There are no classes scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays of long weekends. Friday and Saturday weekly classes will have a fewer lessons scheduled per term. There will be an email reminder of upcoming weeks with no classes scheduled...

PA days

Friday and Saturday classes will be scheduled as usual on weeks where the children have a PA day scheduled for their school...

Age Requirements

The Art Spark Beginners age requirements are firm - children need to already be 6 to start classes. Age requirements for Art Spark and Art Spark Youth classes are a little more flexible... Children develop at different rates ... If you have any questions about the best class for your child, please talk to Judith: 905-839-7816.