Visual Artist : Art Instructor

Life is wonderful isn't it? 

Just when you think it can't get any better, something will come along and blast your happiness barometer right off the scale... And it can be some simple little thing - like a sunset, or light on a tree... butterflies or flowers - or chipmunks... 

Where ever you look, there is something to see. Art making helps all of us to see more beauty. It helps us to be happy.... 

It's not about being talented, or brilliant. It is about being willing to open up with the innocence of a child and embrace the gifts that surround us - the richness of the visual world - Mmmmmmmmm Delicious.

If you have ever wondered if there is an artist in you - I would say - "yup..." You just need some encouragement and a way in - a leg up... Some one to say "Wow, is that ever cool!" I have been teaching art for over 15 years and I would be delighted to share with you some processes and methods what will guide you to creating beautiful drawings and paintings!

My art instruction experience includes: Town of Ajax, Durham District School Board, Toronto District Catholic School Board, ArtOne Academy, and now I have had the opportunity to start my own school - 'Judith Jewer Art Academy."

I have a B.A. in Art and Art History from McMaster University. I have an honours diploma in Graphic Design from George Brown College. 

If you can find the time or have a child who would like to learn, call me and we can have lots of fun making dreams come true... 905-839-7816

Peaceful Happiness, Judith

Judith Jewer